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Planet money bitcoin

planet money bitcoin

Five years ago, two sides met on our show to make a bet about the future of bitcoin. Today, we announce the winner. Then there's bitcoin, a virtual currency that doesn't even exist in the physical world. In the past few months, the value of bitcoin has risen by more than On today's Planet Money, try to get our hands on a few bitcoins, which turns out to be harder than it sounds. We dig into some basic questions that come up. planet money bitcoin But there's another group of using bitcoins owners that aren't so ecstatic. Just click for source, investors are watching for a boom — or a bust. NPR Shop. But recently it has suffered a rash of notable losses. Today on the show, we join Syl on a planet money bitcoin treasure hunt, as he ventures into his attic looking for what could be the key to his bitcoin wallet, and tens of thousands of dollars. We go looking for lost billions. Massena, N. Enlarge this image. Computers have to solve highly complex puzzles to unearth a Bitcoin, and that computing power consumes a vast amount of electricity. And it's revealing something strange. Kenny Malone and Alice Wilder. Don't Tell Me! Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. But blockchain technology could be a boon for the world's poorest places.

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