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University of nicosia bitcoin

university of nicosia bitcoin

The University of Nicosia (UNIC) is, by most measures, the leading university Each certificate fingerprint has also been added to Bitcoin's. The University of Nicosia in Cyprus has announced that it will accept bitcoin for the payment of tuition and other fees. Cyprus' University of Nicosia announced today it has opened a six week, understanding of the fundamentals of bitcoin and digital currency in. university of nicosia bitcoin Over students from unjversity the world have enrolled in the programme, representing a bbitcoin range of backgrounds, including financial executives, blockchain entrepreneurs and software developers. Founded inthe University of Nicosia is the largest private university in Cyprus, with click here across three of its cities and over 8, biitcoin in total across its affiliated institutions. Decentralized uses cookies on decentralized. Inspiration Antonis Polemitis, a university of nicosia bitcoin capitalist at Ledra Capital as well as an adjunct faculty member and University of Nicosia board member, is one of the driving forces behind the courses as well as a teacher. He added that other universities around the worldincluding Princeton, Stanford and George Mason, were also considering the topics. Students registered in the Masters program will simply carry on after the MOOC is completed, and anyone who completes the MOOC gains credit for the Masters should they choose to continue in future.

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